WTI 08Nov

Friday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 08Nov

  • Friday's Auction Saw Globex Selling Interest Through Key Support To 56.07s Near Fri's ADR Low Target As A Gap Lower Open Developed.
  • As Noted In The Market Profile Dashboard, In The Event Of A Gap Lower Open, There Is An Asymmetric Potential For Lower Prices Based On The Market Generated Data.
  • Friday's Auction Saw Minor Sellside Continuation Early In NY To 55.76s Near Fri's 1SD Low Target Where Buy Excess Halted The Sellside Sequence. Aggressive Short Covering Inventory Adjustment Ensued, Filling And Negating The Gap, Driving Price Higher To 57.37s Ahead Of The NY Close.
  • Market Structure & Order Flow Informed As The Failure And Rejection Of The Gap Unfolded....