WTI Crude: Tomorrow’s Levels, Today. 28May

Our daily TPO profile graphic for 24May, showing the monthly (left) & weekly (right) timeframe distributions, clearly illustrating the key upper trade cluster, 94.50s-97.30s, the directional breakdown with the development of a Balance phase, 92.20s-94.40s. 

This graphic identifies the key Structural resistance, 94.50s, and the Monthly POC, 95.80s, overhead which were key levels in the event of a buyside directional phase.  

Our daily statistical study plotting key reference levels/price action for 24May and projected levels/inferential analysis for 28May. 


Following Monday’s holiday shortened Globex session, Tue’s auction saw initiated buying drive price higher to 95.92s, at/near the Avg Daily Range High, 95.83s, before developing the Stopping Point & Balance into the close. 

Here, our daily range study identifies the range amplitudes and the number of sessions achieving each amplitude. 

Recent behavior shows of 22 NY sessions in April, only 3 exceeded the Daily 1st Std Dev. 

Knowledge of this data helped inform subscribers of the statistical fact that there was a high probability of the market achieving the Daily High at/near this area on a confluence of structural, statistical, and order flow signals. 

Exit of long positions at/near that level, and/or initiating of short positions were appropriate in congruence with today’s market structure. 

A holistic view based on the market generated data and probability logic.  

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