WTI Crude: Tomorrow’s Levels, Today. 22Mar

Our daily TPO profile graphic for 22Mar.
This graph shows the weekly distribution (right)
development of balance within the upper half of the Mar monthly distribution (left), 92s-94.40s, following the prior buyside phase and breakout above structural resistance, 92s.

This graphic identifies the key structural resistance and support (94.40s/92s) which were key to understanding the significance of the upside breakout of Mon 25Mar.

Our daily statistical study plotting key reference levels/price action for 22Mar and projected statistical levels/inferential analysis for 25Mar.


Following Fri’s structural Buy Spike, the 93.70s held as support resulting in a upside breakout above key structural resistance, 94.40s. Price discovery toward the Daily 2nd Std Dev High, 95.65s, referenced 22Mar.

Knowledge of the structural Buy Spike, the response of 25Mar, and the statistical levels provided the context necessary to align trade with the dominant market participant (in this case buyside) and insight into where such activity may be shut off (in this case the Daily 2nd Std Dev High).

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