WTI Crude: Next Week’s Levels, Now. 25Jan

Our weekly TPO profile graphics for 25Jan.
Plotted are Support (blue), Resistance (red), 
and Points of Control (green) which 
indicate monthly & weekly levels of significance
based on market structure. 

These graphics clearly show the Jan upside 
breakout above the Dec distribution and 
the balance phase which continued
in the weekly timeframe in the upper 
Jan cluster (95s-97s).
Our weekly statistical study plotting both key 
reference levels, weekly close for the week ending 25Jan
and projected levels for week ending 01Feb. 

This week, the market auctioned toward the 2nd Std Dev High, 98.06s,
before achieving a stopping point at 98.20s into Wed’s
session. The market subsequently balanced
and adjusted inventory lower into Friday’s session
down to the weekly cluster low, 96.90s.

This information provided quantifiable insight 
into the most efficient area of the market 
range to exit long positions at/near 98.20s 
and/or initiate short positions.

These graphs provide a holistic view 
based on the market generated data, not opinion, 
to inform the participant of statistically probable
destinations and the resulting supply/demand clusters 
of the auction. 

More efficient entry & exit. 

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