WTI Crude Daily 18Dec

Wednesday’s Auction 

As noted in Wed’s analysis, focus on response  to Wed’s Breakout Area/Low Usage Support, 56.80s-57.40s was key in Thu’s auction as selling interest drove price lower achieving a Stopping Point, 55.30s, near the Wed Buy Program Support, ultimately creating an unsecured low near 54.28s. Focus on response to Thu’s trade cluster, 53.50s-56.50s, into Fri’s auction. 
Thursday’s Micro Blog Excerpt

Noted here during Thursday’s auction, the development of the Structural Selling Tail, 58s-57.50s, implying the potential for price discovery lower. Initiative sell programs then entered, 56.30s-56.25s, and noted were the downside expectations, 55.20s, and the Average Daily Range Low, 54.54s, which was ultimately achieved into the NY close.
Thursday’s Auction
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