WTI 01Dec

Friday’s Auction
  • Globex Buying Interest To 57.93s Ahead Of NY Open.
  • Buyside Continuation In NY To 58.88s, Near Our Daily 1st Std Dev High Expectation, Selling Interest There Amidst VWAP Retracement.
  • Focus Into Mon’s Auction on response to Key Supply Cluster, 58.40s-58.50s, Amidst A Potential Lower High Development (59.05s/58.88s).

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As noted in Thu’s analysis, the focus into Fri’s Auction On Response To Developing Balance, 57.60s-57s, did not factor in the auction as buying interest emerged from Thu Settle as Key Support held, drivign price higher to 57.93s into the NY open. Buyside continaution developed during NY, achieving the Stopping Point High, 58.588s, near our Daily 1st Std Dev HIgh Expectation near Major Structural Resistance, where responsive selling entered, driving price lower to 58s in long liquidation where responsive buying entered, closing at 58.36s.