Weekend News 22Oct

The Brent-WTI Spread closed the week at/near $20.18
after printing as high as $25.93 early in the week.
This was likely more a function of the Brent contract roll
than demand. As result, we saw a $5 decline in the spread
by Friday. This can be considered a selling tail and foreboded
downside potential into next week.


Central Banks


  • Banking Security, Zeus, And Targeted Attacks. (PC Magazine)
  • Exxon Seeks To Quit Flagship Iraq Oil Project. (Reuters)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • Iraq Energy Outlook. (IEA)
  • HFT Effect On Natural Gas Market. (WSJ)
  • Dodd-Frank Poses Unique Challenges For Energy Firms. (MRV Associates/CME)