Weekend News 18May


Central Banks


  • Declaration Of G-8. (WSJ)
  • Spanish Banks Rising Bad Loans. (Reuters)
  • Fear Of Bank Runs Mount In Southern Europe. (Der Spiegel)
  • Europe’s Debt Crises Joins Governments & Banks At The Hip. (LA Times)
  • Deutsche Bank: Irish Banks May Tip State Into Bailout 2. (Bloomberg)
  • US Senators Want To Tax Americans, Even After Renouncing Citizenship. (RT)
Supply/Demand & Markets
  • US Refining Outlook & Delta’s Acquisition. (Platts)
  • Spain’s Repsol Cancels LNG Cargoes To Argentina. (Reuters)
  • Colombia’s Ecopetrol v Brazil’s Petrobras. (FT Beyond BRICs)
  • Seaway Pipeline Begins First Flow Following Reversal. (Reuters)