Weekend News 06Apr

As noted last week here, the market challenged the key structural resistance at/near 97.80s early this week developing a Structural Selling Tail, 97.80s-97.30s, in Sunday’s Globex session. This development implied potential for balance. 

The market balanced into midweek before beginning a new directional phase lower as long liquidation drove the market toward the Weekly 2nd Std Dev Low, 95.54s, continuing lower before pausing at/near last week’s key breakout level area at/near 94.20s.

The market balanced there before continuing the long liquidation into the lower Mar cluster, 94s-92s, achieving the weekly Stopping Point at/near 92s closing the week at/near 92.70s. 

Next week’s response at/near 92s will be of focus. IF 92s hold as support, price discovery potential to 93.50s/94.50s. IF 92s fail as support, price discovery potential to 90.50s/89.50s.


Central Banks

  • BOJ’s ¥270 Trillion QE. (Reuters)
  • BoE Keeps Policy Unchanged. (Reuters)
  • ECB Keeps Policy Unchanged. (BIS)
  • Asian Currencies To Rally v USDollar, Sayeth Reuters Poll. (Reuters)


  • North Korea & Cold War Theatrics. (RT)
  • North Korean Aggression Could Strengthen US-China Relations. (AP)
  • P5 +1 Iran Negotiations April 5-6. (Brookings)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • What Do Rig Counts Reveal? (Platts)
  • US Trade Gap: Lowest Crude Imports Since ’96. (Reuters)
  • Goldman Boosts Outlook As Nat Gas Hits 20mth High. (Bloomberg)