Oil & Gas Daily 23Sep

Wed's Auction Saw Minor Price Discovery Lower To 39.26s In Asia Trade. Buy Excess Formed There Early In London Trade Driving Price Higher To 40.15s. Minor Sell Excess Developed There As Narrow Balance Developed Into The NY Open. 

Balance Continued Early In NY Trade Before Price Discovery Higher Developed To 40.52s Through The EIA Release (-1.6mil v -2.3mil exp). Buyers Trapped Amidst Selling Interest As Balance Developed, 40.50s-39.70s. A Second Attmpet Higher Then Developed To 40.75s Where Selling Interest Emerged Amidst Excess, Halting The Breakout. Price Discovery Lower Developed As The Breakout Failed, Driving Price Lower To 39.60s Into The NY Close....

Oil & Gas Daily 24Jun

Wednesday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 24Jun


  • Wednesday's Auction Saw Narrow Balance Develop At Key Support Into The London Auction. Sell Excess Then Formed As A Sellside Breakdown Developed Through Key Support To 39.36s As A Gap Lower Open Formed Into The NY Open. 
  • Sell Excess Formed As Buyers Trapped Early In NY Trade Confirming The Breakdown And Gap Lower Open. Aggressive Price Discovery Lower Continued Through The EIA Release (+1.4mil v +229k exp) To 37.31s Near Wed's 2SD Low Target. Buying Interest Emerged There Amidst Buy Excess, Halting The Selloff. Balance Developed, 38.60s-37.65s, Into The NY Close....