Weekend News 01Sep

Largely listless trade this week ahead of Jackson Hole &
next week’s ECB announcement/US NFP. Brent-WTI spread moved higher
from last week closing at/near $18.36. The USDollar-WTI correlation saw continued
increase in negative correlation to (-.87) from last week’s (-.13) while Brent-WTI’s positive  correlation declined to (+.57) from last week’s (+.84). The ECB narrative with an increasing negative correlation with USDollar may result in currency movement having a larger impact on WTI movement.


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Supply/Demand & Markets

  • Oil Market Overview With James Hamilton. (Oil Price)
  • Oil Reserves Could Be Tapped If Prices Stay Above $100. (Telegraph)

WTI Crude: The ECB Effect. 31Aug

Our economic release studies plotting Q2 ECB behavior for London & NY Session.
The ECB reactions were noticeably higher in the NY Session v London. 
This suggests in spite of ECB release occurring pre-Pit session, the trading
opportunity resides in the NY Session.
Might next week’s ECB announcement sustain this tendency? 

Compare Q2 with Q1 ECB Behavior (here).

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