Midweek News 06Feb

Source: EIA (Feb 2013)


Central Banks


Supply/Demand & Markets

  • API: +3.6mil v +2.8mil exp. (Reuters)
  • EIA: +2.6mil v 2.6 exp. (EIA)
  • Water Use In Energy Sector Set To Double By 2035. (Oil Price)

    WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 06Feb


    Following yesterday’s
    p shape distribution (short covering)
    toward the key reference level, 97s,
    the sellside returned at/near yesterday’s
    VWAP algo low, 96.60s, in the London session.

    As of 730 CST,
    the market has sold off toward the
    Jan cluster low, 95s, as inferred.
    Overnight inventory short.

    Market poised for Gap Open
    Lower. Gap rules apply….
    EIA Inventory pending.