WTI 17Feb

Monday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 17Feb

  • Monday's Holiday Auction Saw A Failed Buyside Breakout At Friday's Key Resistance, 52.34s, Early In Sunday's Globex Auction Into The NY Open. Price Discovery Lower Developed To 51.81s Where Buy Excess Developed Ahead Of The London Auction. Narrow Balance Developed, 52.22s-51.99s, Through The London Auction Into The NY Open.
  • Buy Excess Developed Again Into The NY Open Before Narrow Balance Continued, 52s-52.19s, Through Monday's Holiday Shortened Auction. A Buy Spike Developed, 52.10s-52.33s, Testing Key Resistance Into The NY Close....

WTI 14Feb

Friday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 14Feb

  • Friday's Auction Saw Early Globex Balance Trade Above Thursday's Key Support, 51.17s, After Sellers Trapped Late In Thursday's Trade. Balance Continued Into The London Auction Before Buy Excess Developed, 51.38s-51.50s, Before Aggressive Price Discovery Higher Developed To 52.30s Into The NY Open.
  • A Minor Probe Higher Developed Early In The NY Auction To 52.34s, Shy Of Friday's ADR High Target. Sell Excess Developed There As Buyers Trapped, Halting The Buyside Sequence, Driving Price Lower To 51.59s. Buy Excess Again Emerged, Halting The Pullback Before Price Discovery Higher Developed To 52s Into The NY Close....