WTI Crude: Tomorrow’s Levels, Today. 28Nov

Our daily TPO profile graphic for 27Nov.
This graphic clearly shows the balance phase
in weekly timeframe. Plotted are Support (blue), Resistance (red),
& Points of Control (green) which give insight into
levels of significance based on market structure. 

This view helps clarify which levels are destinations, 
especially in volatile markets or markets lacking in longer term conviction.
Our daily statistical study plotting both key reference levels
and price action for 27Nov and projected reference levels for 28Nov.

The market traded down on Wed 28Nov to
85.55s near the 85.51s (Avg Daily Range Low) referenced 27Nov. 
This level coincided with demand cluster visible on the monthly
TPO from 84.50s-85.90s.

These daily graphs help provide a holistic view
based on market generated data, not opinion, to inform the participant 
not only of possible destinations for the auction, but also
where major resting supply/demand clusters reside which
usually halt buyside or sellside auctions.

Thus, more efficient trade entry & exit. 

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WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 29Nov

Friday’s Globex session saw the market
pullback to the 87.40s (Thu pullback level),
encountered no sell response, and has algo grinded
back up toward settlement & yesterday’s point of control, 88s.

Balance likely in current cluster, 87.40-88.60s, before
next directional phase.