WTI Crude: Next Week’s Levels, Now. 18Jan

Our weekly TPO profile graphics for 18Jan.
Plotted are Support (blue), Resistance (red),
and Points of Control (green) which
indicate monthly & weekly levels of significance
based on market structure.

These graphics clearly show the early Jan upside 
breakout above the Dec distribution. Here, we
also see the auction higher/range extension
above 94.70s to 96.00s.
Our weekly statistical study plotting both key
reference levels & price action for the week ending 18Jan
and projected levels for week ending 25Jan.

The market auctioned to at/near the 1st Std Dev High, 97.11s,
this week where the market achieved a stopping point 
followed by long liquidation to at/near 95s. 

These graphs provide a holistic view 
based on the market generated data, not opinion,
to inform the participant of statistically probable
destinations and the resting supply/demand clusters
of the auction. 

More efficient entry & exit. 

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