Oil & Gas Daily 19Jun

Friday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 19Jun


  • Friday's Auction Saw Price Discovery Higher Through Key Resistance Early In Asia Trade. Balance Developed, 39.67s-39.06s, Above Key Resistance Into The London Auction. Buy Excess Formed Early In The London Auction, Driving Price Higher To 40.44s As A Gap Higher Open Formed Into The NY Open. 
  • Narrow Balance Continued Early In NY Trade Before A Breakout Attempt To 40.60s At Fri's ADR High Target Developed. Sell Excess Formed There, Halting The Rally. Price Discovery Lower Ensued As The Breakout Failed And The Gap Was Filled To 38.51s. Buy Excess Formed, Halting The Pullback. Rotation Higher Developed To 39.94s Into The NY Close....