Midweek News 27Feb

Source: EIA (Feb 2013)


  • Price Of Gold Under Last Four Fed Chairmen. (Bespoke)

Central Banks

  • Fed Faces Explaining Billion-Dollar Losses In QE3 Exit Stress Test. (Bloomberg)
  • British Pound Loses 67% Of Value Over Last 30yrs. (RT)
  • Bernanke Speak. (Reuters)
  • French Industry Minister Wants Lower Euro + Debt Monetization. (Zerohedge)


  • US & China In Full Scale Web War? (RT)
  • CEOs Back More Oil Drilling & Keystone XL Pipeline. (Reuters)
  • Shift In US, EU Policy Toward Aid To Syrian Rebels? (AP)
  • Future Of Global Economic Governance. (Jörg Asmussen/BIS)

Supply/Demand & Markets

Outrageous Market Fortune

  • Goldman Managing Director Snagged In Insider Trading Probe. (Zerohedge)