Midweek News 23May


Central Banks

  • US Lets China Bypass Wall St. Firms For UST Orders Since Jun 2011. (Reuters)
  • China Can Now Monetize US Debt Directly. (Zerohedge)
  • Japan’s Credit Rating Cut By Fitch. (Telegraph)
  • BOJ On Hold. (Reuters)
  • Renminbi: A New Era & Role Of Hong Kong. (BIS)


  • Germany Isolated As Latin Bloc Calls The Shots. (Telegraph)
  • Slow Motion Run On Greek Banks. (FT Brussels Blog)
  • Eurobonds: Nationalism Meets Federalism. (Zerohedge)
  • Iran Update: Renewed Talks & New Terminal Plans. (Reuters)
  • OPEC’S Lost Power To Lower Price Of Oil. (Zerohedge)
  • Deal Or No Deal, Iran May Be Bombed: Israeli Minister. (RT)
Supply/Demand & Markets