Midweek News 22Aug


  • S&P 500 Sectors Relative Performance. (Bespoke)
  • Crude Oil Price Review, YTD. (EIA)
  • Crude Inventories (Page 10). (EIA)

Central Banks


  • Tax v Debt: Where Does US Funding Come From? (Zerohedge)
  • White House Mulls Release Of SPR. (Fox Business)
  • Rising Gas Prices In US Not A Big Concern For Voters. (Reuters)
  • POTUS’ Latest Pretext For War With Syria. (RT)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • API: -6mil v +250k exp. (Reuters)
  • EIA: -5.4mil v -250k exp. (EIA)
  • China’s Jul Iran Crude Imports Slide 30% On Year. (Platts)
  • The Potentials Of & Concerns Over LTO. (IEA)