Midweek News 20Mar

Source: EIA (Mar 2013)


Central Banks

  • Bernanke Tightens Hold On Fed Message. (Bloomberg)
  • “Rich” Nations Should Let Inflation Rise To 4%, Sayeth World Bank. (Reuters)
  • Keiser Report w/Jim Rickards. (RT)
  • Fed Holds Firm On Stimulus Plan. (Reuters)


  • The Cyprus Situation. (Reuters)
  • Cyprus, In Perspective. (Validus)
  • Computer Technicians Jailed For Spying On Saudi Aramco. (Oil Price)
  • Syria Asks UN To Examine Alleged Chemical Attack. (AP)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • API: -413k v +2mil exp. (Reuters)
  • EIA: -1.3mil v +2mil exp. (EIA)
  • Major Workforce Shortage Facing Energy Industry. (Fuel Fix)