Midweek News 13Jun


Central Banks

  • Endless QE? $6Trillion & Counting…. (Reuters)
  • China’s Interest Rate Cuts May Not Boost Crude Prices. (Platts)


  • Troika Will Monitor Spanish Banking Aid. (Dow Jones)
  • Euro Fatigue Rising. (Zerohedge)
  • Syria Now In State Of Civil War: UN. (RT)
  • POTUS Falls From Grace On Global Stage: Foreign Policy & Drone Wars. (RT)
  • Iran’s Oil Exports Plunge As Sanctions Bite. (Reuters)
  • China Response To US Demand Of Iran Sanctions: Increase Purchase In April…. (Zerohedge)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • China’s Infrastructure Trap. (US News/Jim Rickards)
  • OPEC Overview. (Market Watch)
  • Saudi Suggestion Of Increased Output. (FT Alpha)
  • Saudi Under OPEC Pressure To Prevent Oil Collapse. (Reuters)
  • Global Crude Demand Should Rise Sharply In Coming Months. (IEA)
  • Delta Set To Close Refinery Deal. (Reuters)
  • API: +1.6mil v -1.4mil exp. (Reuters)
  • EIA: -200k v -1.5mil exp. (EIA)