WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 26Aug


As of 730 CST,
the market auctioned higher from Fri Settlement, 106.42s, achieving the Stopping Point, 107.30s, at/near last week’s upper cluster POC, 107.20s. 

Sell programs entered, driving price lower back toward Settlement, balancing into the Pit session open. 

Response to 106s of focus into Pit session open. 

Our daily statistical study plotting key reference levels/price for 22Aug & projected levels/ inferential analysis for 23Aug.


Following Thu’s late session short covering rally, the market balanced during Fri Globex session around Thu Settlement before sell programs entered into the Pit session open, driving price lower, achieving the Stopping Point, 104.30s, at/near Thu’s Volume POC, 104.45s. 

Buy programs entered, driving price fiercely higher, achieving the Stopping Point, 106.95s, at/near Daily 1st Std Dev High, pulling back to close at/near 106.42s. 

Knowledge of the market structure (multi-day Balance) and the structural/statistical levels helped inform our subscribers of the significance of either Balance low or high holding as support/resistance. In the event of a directional auction, the study provided high probability destination levels to best inform trading decisions, in this case the 1st Std Dev High level.

A holistic view based on the market generated data and probability logic. 

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