Weekend News 05Oct

The market opened this week at/near 102.50s, where sell programs entered, driving price lower, achieving the Weekly Stopping Point Low, 101s, developing the Balance Area, 101S-102.50s, into midweek. 

Buy programs entered on the EIA narrative, driving price higher, above the multi-day Balance, achieving the Weekly Stopping Point High, at/near 104.40s, near last week’s Overhead Supply Cluster/Low Usage Area, 103.80s-104.40s. The market balanced, 102.80s-104.40s, closing at/near 103.60s.


Central Banks

  • Loose Monetary Policy Needed To Counter Washington Gridlock, Sayeth Fed Officials. (Reuters)


  • Who’s Going To Succeed Gensler At CFTC? (Platts)
  •  Implications Of Government Shutdown On US Oil & Gas. (Platts)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • US Surpasses Russia As World’s Top Oil & Gas Producer. (Guardian)
  • Industry “Introspection” At The WEF Energy Confab. (Platts)

  • Private Equity Takes Over Where Banks Leave Off. (Platts)