Midweek News 28Nov

Source: EIA (Nov 2012)


Central Banks

  • Marc Carney To Head BOE. (Zerohedge)
  • Central Bank Of Brazil’s Efforts To Transfer Its Currency Risk… Or Not. (GoldCore)
  • Fed’s Evans Urges ZIRP Until 6.5% Jobless Level. (Bloomberg)
Supply/Demand & Market
  • API: +2mil v +300k exp. (Reuters)
  • EIA: -300k v +350k exp. (EIA)
  • South Korean Arbitrage Redraws Dated Brent Landscape. (Platts)
  • Mary Schapiro To Step Down As SEC Head 14Dec. (Bloomberg)
Slings, Arrows, Outrageous Market Fortune
  • MF Global Customers Seek Subpoenas For Corzine, Others. (Reuters)

Weekend News 24Nov

Correlations reinvert this week.
Recent correlation trend in USD-WTI reversing?
This week’s auction showed a breakout abv last week’s
Balance area 84.40s-87.20s. As inferred last week,
price discovery occurred into the upper cluster 87.50s-89.20s.

Sellside shut off the buyside auction at/near 89.60s following
clearing of the stops at prior supply, 89.20s. Balance then ensued.

Following multi-week balance from 84s-87.20s and weekly value now
facilitating trade higher, probability favors challenge of current cluster high 89.60s
and possible continuation higher into major supply cluster overhead 91-93s (here),
barring external bearish catalyst. Should that occur, expectation
would shift to revisit 84s with possible breakdown toward 80s.   


Central Banks


  • World Economic Forum’s New Energy Powwow In Canada. (Platts)
  • Argentina Hikes Energy Tariff. (FT Beyond BRICs)
  • Turkey-Syria Standoff: Patriot Missiles, Kurdish Fighters At Border. (RT)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • China’s Oil Demand Continues Robust Growth In Oct. (Platts)