WTI 03Apr

Friday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 03Apr

  • Friday's Auction Saw Narrow Balance Above Key Support, 24s, Into The Asia Auction. A Probe Lower To 23.52s Resulted In Buy Excess And Failure Of The Market To Sell Below Key Support Into The London Auction. Buying Interest Emerged Early In London Trade, Driving Price Higher To 28.56s Near Friday's 1 SD High Target Into The NFP (-701k v -100k exp). Buyers Trapped Amidst Sell Excess, Halting The Rally Near Thu's Key Resistance Into The NY Open. 
  • Retracement Developed To 26.27s Early In NY Trade As Sellers Trapped, Halting The Pullback. Rotation Higher Then Resumed Before A Structural Buy Spike Formed, 28s-28.80s, Into The NY Close....

WTI 02Apr

Thursday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 02Apr

  • Thursday's Auction Saw Price Discovery Higher Through Wed's Key Resistance, 20.90s, Through The Asia Auction To 22.55s At Thu's ADR High Target. Buyers Trapped Into The London Open, Developing Balance, 22.55s-21.70s, Through The London Auction As A Gap Higher Open Formed Into The NY Open. 
  • Narrow Balance Developed, 22.60s-21.71s, Early In The NY As Sellers Trapped, Confirming The Gap. Aggressive Price Discovery Higher Developed To 27.39s Where Buyers Trapped Amidst Sell Excess, Halting The Buyside Sequence. Retracement Ensued To 23.34s Into The NY Close....