WTI Crude Daily 08May

Thursday’s Auction
As noted in Thu’s analysis, the focus into Fri’s auction on response to 58.50s-58.80s, was key as buying interest emerged there both in the Globex & NY auctions within Balance development. Focus into Mon’s auction on response to the Balance, 58.15s-59.90s.    

Friday’s Auction

Weekend News 05Apr

22-27Mar Auction

Two-sided balance trade continued this week around the longer timeframe developing POC, 49.40s. 

Analysis of market structure provides a robust and elegant framework for market understanding amidst a complex system and a variety of conflicting narratives. 

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29Mar-02Apr Auction

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    Source: EIA (Apr 2015)

    • Lower 48 Oil Economies Still Robust, Sayeth WoodMackenzie. (WoodMackenzie)