WTI 11Jun

Thursday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 11Jun

  • Thursday's Auction Saw Globex Rotation Lower Through Wed's Buy Spike To 37.91s Near Thu's ADR Low Target Into The London Auction. Narrow Balance Developed, 37.91s-38.57s, In The London Trade Before The Selloff Continued To 36.58s As Buyers Trapped And A Gap Lower Open Formed Into The NY Open. 
  • The Gap Held Early In NY Trade Before Price Discovery Lower Continued To 35.41s. Sellers Trapped There Halting The Auction As Buy Excess Formed. Rotation Higher Developed To 36.79s Into The NY Close....

WTI 22May

Friday's Auction

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WTI Daily Auction 22May

  • Friday's Auction Saw A Sellside Breakdown Through Key Support In The Asia Auction. Aggressive Selling Developed To 30.72s Just Beyond Friday's 2SD Low Target. Buy Excess Formed, Halting The Selloff As Rotation Higher Developed To 32.25s Into The London Auction. Balance Developed, 32.25s-31.36s, Before Price Discovery Higher Developed To 32.87s As A Gap Lower Open Developed Into The NY Open. 
  • Buying Interest Emerged Amidst A Buy Excess Early In NY Trade As A Narrow, Grinding Trend Higher Developed To 33.20s, Filling The Gap Into The NY Close....