WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 28Aug


As of 730 CST, 

the market auctioned higher from Tue Settlement, 109s, continuing the geo-politically fueled buyside auction, driving price above the Major Balance Area High, 109s, achieving the Stopping Point, 112.25s, at/near the Weekly 1st Std Dev High, 112.33s, encountering sell programs there. 

The market sold off sharply as sell programs drove price lower, achieving the Stopping Point, 109.33s, balancing, 109.40s-110.80s, into the Pit session open. 

While the market is poised to open Gap open higher, the Globex b shape structure implies longer timeframe sellside has appeared during the London session. Focus on response to Balance High, 110.80s, into Pit session open. 

Our weekly statistical study plotting key reference levels/weekly close for 23Aug, projected levels/inferential analysis for 28Aug, and weekly range frequency table. 


The market auctioned higher the first half of the week following buyside directional phase development beginning last Friday through the multi-week Balance, 102.20s-108.80s, amplified by the geopolitical narrative surrounding Syria. 

The market broke out above the Major Structural Resistance, 108.80s, driving price higher, achieving the current Stopping Point High, 112.25s, at/near the Weekly 1st Std Dev High, 112.33s. Sell programs of significance emerged there driving price lower and balancing into Thu’s session. The frequency table illustrates the high probability of this area functioning as a Stopping Point and/or potential intermediate Resistance area. 

These studies helped inform our subscribers of the structural development of the auction from Balance to a Buyside Directional Phase last Friday. This structural data also implied an increase in volatility and provided quantifiable upside destinations (109s/112.33s) in congruence with the market structure. 

Holistic analysis based on the market generated data and probability logic. 

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WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 27Aug


As of 730 CST, 
the market has auctioned higher from Mon Settlement, 105.92s, achieving the Globex Stopping Point, 108.56s, at/near the Daily 2nd Std Dev High. 

The market has auctioned toward Major Structural Resistance, 108.80s, of the multi-week Balance, 102.20s-108.80s, aided by the Syrian narrative. 

Market poised to open Gap higher into Pit session.  Focus on both response to possible Gap and Major Structural Resistance cluster, 108.80s-108.20s.