WTI 01Apr

Wednesday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 01Apr

  • Sell Excess, 20.94s-20.50s, Developed Following The Globex Re-Open As Price Discovery Lower Ensued Through Key Resistance, 20.40s, To 20s Into The Asia Auction. Low Volume Buying Interest Emerged There, Driving Price Higher To 20.80s Where Sell Excess Formed As Buyers Trapped. Price Discovery Lower Developed To 20.03s As Sellers Trapped Into The London Auction. Balance Then Continued, 20.03s-20.80s, Into The NY Open. 
  • A Sellside Breakdown Attempt Developed To 19.90s Early In The NY Auction. Buying Interest Emerged There Amidst Buy Excess, Driving Price Aggressively Higher As The Breakdown Failed Through The EIA Release (+13.8mil v +3.99mil exp). Balance Developed, 20.70s-20.05s, Before A Buy Spike Formed, 20.65s-21.11s, Into The NY Close....

WTI 25Mar

Wednesday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 25Mar

  • Wednesday's Auction Saw Early Globex Price Discovery Higher To 25.24s, Testing This Week's Resistance During The Asia Auction As Tue's Late Buyers Held. Sell Excess Developed There, Halting The Buyside Sequence Before Aggressive Price Discovery Lower Ensued To 23.15s In The London Auction. Buying Interest Emerged There, Developing Balance, 23.15s-23.85s, Into The NY Open. 
  • A Failed Sellside Breakdown Attempt Developed Early In NY Trade To 22.91s Where Buy Excess Emerged, Halting The Sellside Sequence. Price Discovery Higher Ensued Through The EIA Release (+1.6mil v +2.7mil exp) To 24.88s Into The NY Close....