WTI 25Feb

Tuesday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 25Feb

  • Tuesday's Auction Saw A Minor Probe Higher To 52.02s, Testing Mon's Key Resistance. Sell Excess Developed There, Halting The Buyside Sequence Into The London Auction. Price Discovery Lower Developed To 51.07s As A b-Shape London Structure Developed Into The NY Open.
  • Sell Excess Developed Early In NY At Key Resistance Before Price Discovery Lower Developed Through London Support To 50.36s At Tue's ADR Low Target. Sellers Trapped There, Developing Balance Through Mid-Auction. Selling Interest Emerged Late In The NY Auction To 49.84s Near Tue's 2SD Low Target As A Sell Spike, 50.50s- 49.84s, Into The NY Close...

WTI 24Feb

Monday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 24Feb

  • Monday's Auction Saw Fri's Key Resistance, 53.58s, Hold As A Liquidity Vacuum Developed Upon Sun's Globex Open. Price Discovery Lower Developed To 51.66s At/Near Mon's 2SD Low Target. Buy Excess Developed There As Balance Ensued, 51.66s-52.30s, Into The London Auction. Selling Interest Emerged, 51.74s, In London Trade, Driving Price Lower To 50.88s As A Gap Lower Open Developed Into The NY Open.
  • Narrow Balance Developed Early In NY Trade As Selling Interest Emerged, 51.08s, Confirming The Gap As Price Discovery Lower Continued To 50.45s. Sellers Trapped There Amidst Buy Excess, Halting The Sellside Sequence As Short Covering Inventory Adjustment Developed To 51.67s Into The NY Close...