Oil & Gas Daily 02Jul

Thursday's Crude Auction

WTI Daily Auction 02Jul


  • Thursday's Auction Saw Narrow Balance Around Wed Settlement In Asia Trade Before A Structural Buy Spike Developed, 39.90s-40.12s, Into The London Auction. Price Discovery Higher Developed In London Trade To 40.42s As Balance Then Developed, 40.42s-39.87s, Into The NY Open. 
  • Price Discovery Higher Developed Early In NY Trade To 40.63s Where Sell Excess Emerged, Halting The Rally. As Aggressive Liquidation Break Then Ensued As Trapped Buyers Were Flushed Out To 39.59s. Buying Interest Emerged There Amidst Buy Excess Before The Market Ground Back To Make New Highs, 40.74s, Into The NY Close....