WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 12Sep


As of 730CST, 
the market balanced around Wed Settlement, 107.56s, at/near the Structural Buying Tail High formed during Wed’s Pit session.

Buy programs entered during the London session, confirming the Buying Tail, driving price higher, breaking out above this week’s lower trade cluster, 107.90s-106.50s. The market achieved a Stopping Point, 108.70s, as the market forms a double distribution structure. 

The market is poised to open Gap higher. Should this occur, inventory imbalance implies potential for higher prices barring a swift rejection of the Gap. Gap rules apply….

WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 03Sep


As of 730 CST, the market balanced around Mon’s Settlement, 106.80s, before grinding higher to the key Balance area high, 107.25s.

The market probed above there, developing a Structural Selling Tail, 107.80s-107.55s, indicating the appearance of the longer timeframe seller. 

Focus on the response to this Selling Tail into the Pit session.