WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 15Nov


As of 730CST, 
the market has auctioned higher from Thu Settlement, 93.77s, to retest Thu’s Stopping Point High Area, 94.45s, as responsive sell programs entered during the London session, driving price back to Settlement.  

Following a probe of the low at Settlement, buy programs re-entered at/near 93.90s. Focus on response to Balance edges, 94.30s & 93.60s into the Pit session. 

Our daily statistical projection study plotting key reference levels/price for 13Nov & projected levels/inferential analysis for 14Nov.
Following Wed’s balance phase and short covering rally off the Key Structural Stopping Point Low at/near 93s, the market balanced around Settlement before sell programs entered, driving price lower, retesting the Key Structural Support. 

Sell programs drove price below Key Support, achieving the Stopping Point Low, 92.50s, at/near the Avg Daily Range Low, as inferred by Wed’s statistical & inferential analysis.  
Buy Programs entered aggressively there, driving price higher, forming a Structural Buying Tail, 92.50s-92.90s, leading to a significant short covering inventory adjustment higher. The market rallied toward 94.45s, before closing at/near 93.75s.
 Knowledge of the Structural Significance of 93s, the potential Statistical Supports, and Range Frequency Data informed our subscribers of the potential destinations in congruence with the market structure. In this case, the sell response at/near Wed Settlement implied price discovery potential lower to retest Key Structural Support. As Support failed, price discovery lower led to the Avg Daily Range Low, 92.50s. Short positions offered asymmetric opportunity within this phase of market development. 

The frequency table (bottom left) informed our subscribers of the likelihood that the Avg Daily Range Low would hold as support based on a rolling monthly set of trade days. This data reflected that 74% of recent sessions have held the Avg Daily Range Low, pointing to an asymmetric opportunity on the longside in the face of the price propaganda of a apparent collapsing market. 
The formation of a Structural Buying Tail, 92.50s-92.90s,  following the responsive buy programs at 92.50s further confirmed the likelihood of a short covering rally that did unfold as inventory adjustment drove the market back toward Overhead Supply. Long positions offered asymmetric opportunity within this phase of market development.

Holistic analysis based on the market generated data and probability logic.
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WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 12Sep


As of 730CST, 
the market balanced around Wed Settlement, 107.56s, at/near the Structural Buying Tail High formed during Wed’s Pit session.

Buy programs entered during the London session, confirming the Buying Tail, driving price higher, breaking out above this week’s lower trade cluster, 107.90s-106.50s. The market achieved a Stopping Point, 108.70s, as the market forms a double distribution structure. 

The market is poised to open Gap higher. Should this occur, inventory imbalance implies potential for higher prices barring a swift rejection of the Gap. Gap rules apply….