WTI Crude Daily 27Feb

Thursday’s Auction

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As noted in Thu’s analysis, focus in Fri’s auction on response to Thu’s Sell Spike was key as buying interest drove price aggressively higher, developing Balance, 49.50s-48.80s, through most of the Globex and NY auctions as end of the month position squaring occurred. Initiative sell programs entered at/near 49.30s, driving price aggressively lower, encountering buying interest, rejecting the low, forming a Structural Buying Tail, 48.45s-48.75s. Focus on response to undefined resistance at/near 50s, into Mon’s auction.

Friday’s Auction

WTI Crude Daily 25Feb

Tuesday’s Auction 
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As noted in Tue’s analysis, focus on response to Tue’s Sell Spike, 49.80s-49.20s, was key Wed’s auction as Globex selling interest drove price lower from the Spike, ultimately encountering a Structural Buying Tail, 48.40s-48.90s, on “bearish” EIA data, resulting in price discovery higher toward the 5DVWAP where buying interest emerged driving price higher toward 51.10s.  Focus on response to Wed’s Buy Spike, 50s-51.10s, into Thu’s auction.
Wednesday’s Micro-Blog Excerpt 
Noted here (highlighted in yellow):
  • Development of the Low via Structural Buying Tail, 48.40s-48.80s. 
  • The Buying Tail holding as support, implying the potential for price discovery higher.
  • Initiative Buy Programs (IBP) at/near 49.80s and the expectation for price discovery higher.
  • Key Upside Reference Levels (the market traded toward the 5DVWAP ahead of the NY close)


Wednesday’s Auction