WTI 19Mar

Thursday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 19Mar

  • Thursday's Auction Saw Initial Price Discovery Higher From Key Support, 21.10s, Following Wed's Late Buying Interest & Excess. Price Discovery Higher Developed To 24.46s Near Sharedata's 2SD High Target. Buyers Trapped There As Balance Developed, 24.46s-21.76s, Into The London Auction. Balance Continued Into The NY Open.
  • Buying Interest Emerged As Buy Excess Formed At The Balance Low Early In The NY Auction Before Price Discovery Higher Developed. Buying Interest Emerged, 24s-24.70s, Driving Price Higher To 25.92s, Beyond The Maximum Daily Statistical Expectancy Into The NY Close. An Aggressive Thrust Higher Developed Post-NY Close To 28.28s As Sell Excess Developed, 28.28s-26.34s.