WTI 19Mar

Thursday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 19Mar

  • Thursday's Auction Saw Initial Price Discovery Higher From Key Support, 21.10s, Following Wed's Late Buying Interest & Excess. Price Discovery Higher Developed To 24.46s Near Sharedata's 2SD High Target. Buyers Trapped There As Balance Developed, 24.46s-21.76s, Into The London Auction. Balance Continued Into The NY Open.
  • Buying Interest Emerged As Buy Excess Formed At The Balance Low Early In The NY Auction Before Price Discovery Higher Developed. Buying Interest Emerged, 24s-24.70s, Driving Price Higher To 25.92s, Beyond The Maximum Daily Statistical Expectancy Into The NY Close. An Aggressive Thrust Higher Developed Post-NY Close To 28.28s As Sell Excess Developed, 28.28s-26.34s.

WTI 05Feb

Wednesday's Auction

WTI Daily Auction 05Feb

  • Wednesday's Auction Saw Sellers Trap, 49.41s, Near Tue's Key Support, Driving Price Higher To 50.27s Ahead Of The London Auction. Buy Excess Developed Early In The London Auction, Driving Price Higher To 51.19s Ahead Of The NY Open As A London p Shape Structure Developed.
  • Price Discovery Higher Developed Through The EIA Release (+3.3mil v +2.8mil exp) To 51.88s At Wed's 2SD High Target. Buyers Trapped, 51.52s/51.70s, Before Sell Excess Halted The Auction, Driving Price Lower In Retracement To 50.44s Where Buy Excess Emerged Ahead The NY Close....