WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 06Feb


Following yesterday’s
p shape distribution (short covering)
toward the key reference level, 97s,
the sellside returned at/near yesterday’s
VWAP algo low, 96.60s, in the London session.

As of 730 CST,
the market has sold off toward the
Jan cluster low, 95s, as inferred.
Overnight inventory short.

Market poised for Gap Open
Lower. Gap rules apply….
EIA Inventory pending. 

WTI Crude: Daily TPO & Price. 05Feb


As of 730CST,
the market has auctioned above
Mon Settlement, 96.17s, rallying
up to the key breakdown level, 97s,
overnight inventory long.

Sellside response at the key level
97s is key. IF sellside defends at/near 97s, 

probability favors price discovery toward 95s. 
IF sellside fails to defend at/near 97s, 
then short covering potential back toward key 
intermediate high at/near 98.20s.