WTI Crude: Tomorrow's Levels, Today. 22Jan

Our daily TPO profile graphic for 22Jan.
This graphic clearly shows the 
weekly balance phase within
the upper cluster (95s-97s) of 
the Jan distribution. 

Plotted are Support (blue), Resistance (Red), 
& Points of Control (green) which
provide insight into levels of significance 
based on market structure, not opinion. 

Our daily statistical study plotting both key
reference levels & price action for 22Jan and 
projected levels for 23Jan.

Following the Pit session rally phase on 22Jan, 
the market balanced most of the 23Jan session
until encountering sell programs late,
driving the market toward the Daily
2nd Std Dev Low, 94.99s, referenced on 22Jan.

The market achieved a stopping point at this level
as the buyside shut off the down auction.
Knowledge of this level and the TPO
profile area of 95 as a key support
provided the information needed for 
highly efficient trade. 

A holistic view based on the 
market generated data, not opinion. 

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