Ninja Trader- Sharedata Futures Partner Launch

Sharedata Futures, Inc. is pleased to announce its educational partnership with NinjaTrader.

NinjaTrader is a premier charting, strategy development, and trade execution platform and a symbiotic relationship exists between NinjaTrader's platform and Sharedata's value added analytics, providing a holistic solution for WTI Crude futures trading. 

We are very excited to work with NinjaTrader!

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WTI Crude Daily 28May

Wednesday's Auction
via The Daily

As noted in Wed's analysis, the focus into Thu's auction on response to developing Balance, 57.40s-58.40s, was key as selling interest emerged there driving price lower toward the Avg Daily Range Low. Focus into Fri's auction on response to developing Balance, 56.70s-57.40s, and the Buying Tail.  

Thursday's Micro-Blog Excerpt
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Thursday's Auction
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WTI Crude Daily 27May

Tuesday's Auction

As noted in Tue's analysis, the focus into Wed's auction on response to the Unsecured Low, 57.70s, was key as minor range extension lower developed toward 57.40s. Focus into Thu's auction on response to developing Balance, 57.40s-58.40s. 

Wednesday's Micro-Blog Excerpt

Wednesday's Auction