Weekend News 04Oct

27Sep-02Oct Auction 
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Central Banks
  • IMF Warns Of Emerging Market Default Risk. (Telegraph)


    Source: EIA (Sep 2015)

  • Balancing China's Thirst For Energy. (Pipeline)
  • No Sign Of OPEC Policy Shift As Price Bites Into Supply. (Platts)

Supply/Demand & Markets

  • EIA: +4mil v Unchanged exp. (EIA)
  • Cushing Roll Rises To Strongest Level YTD. (Reuters)

WTI Crude Daily 02Oct

Friday's Auction
As noted in Thus analysis, the focus into Fri's auction on response to Key Structural Support Area, 44.50s-45s, was key as selling pressure drove price modestly lower toward Key Structural Support where buying interest entered, driving price aggressively higher in short covering inventory adjustment. Focus into Mon's auction on response near the Composite POC, 45.20s-44.90s.

WTI Crude Daily 01Oct

Thursday's Auction
via The Daily
As noted in Weds analysis, the focus into Thu's auction on Wed's Support Area, 44.50s-45s, was key as buying interest emerged, driving price higher toward Key Structural Resistance near the Daily 1st Std Dev High. Focus into Fri's auction remains on response to Key Structural Support Area, 44.50s-45s.